Dr. Moy On... Blue Light and Tech

Dr. Moy On... Blue Light and Tech

We are all aware of how the sun can damage our skin, but we don't always realize the amount that blue light can also be a source of damage through our constant exposure to television, computer, and phone screens. 

Not only does blue light cause DNA damage that mimics UV damage (think darker pigmentation, loss of collagen and wrinkles), but it also disrupts our circadian rhythm; meaning that our tech-driven lifestyles are constantly disturbing our sleep and natural repair cycles. 

This double whammy of potential damage to our skin and overall health is something that is definitely the subject of more research to come, but we do know that we should be thinking about ways to prevent and decrease blue light exposure and its impact overall.

Wearing a combined sunscreen and environmental protection cream like our Daily Shield Lotion can help protect your skin from screen exposure. I also recommend applying our Night Shield Lotion before bed to enhance your skin’s repair process while you sleep.


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