Dr. Moy On... Starting Cellular MD

Dr. Moy On... Starting Cellular MD

I started Cellular MD when I recognized how much more effective DNA Repair Enzymes* were in creams than any other active ingredients. These Enzymes gave my patients a great foundation for their skin health and their at-home routine - leading to less stress (and less appointments with me!)

These DNA Repair Enzymes are Nobel Prize-winning powerhouses at preventing skin cancers and skin aging. Many of my patients have noticed a big difference in their overall skin health when they regularly apply these Proteins because of the underlying health impacts they see immediately.

I believe that we need to widen the dialogue of skincare to include ingredients that lay a strong foundation, rather than just addressing ingredients that sit on top of the skin, sometimes never fully absorbing. Sunscreen, for example, is not enough in preventing skin cancers or aging--there are other steps that need to be taken too.

Cellular MD has enabled me to provide my patients and customers with a science-backed skincare system that builds an optimal foundation for their skin health overall, in addition to helping prevent future problems such as skin or pre-cancers. 

*We also call these our Circadian Repair Proteins.


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