Cellular MD was founded by Dr. Ronald L. Moy, an award-winning, world-renowned Medical and Cosmetic Dermatologist, Facial Plastic Surgeon, and Mohs (skin cancer) Specialist who has served as president of numerous national dermatologic associations. With a strong celebrity clientele he also serves as a Vice President of the Skin Cancer Foundation.

Dr. Moy has spent decades of rigorous clinical research in the pursuit of perfect, truly healthy skin. His research has spanned molecular biology to genetics and oncology, leading to his definitive textbook on wound healing. As national skin cancer rates rose, it became clear to Dr. Moy that sunscreen alone was not enough to prevent skin cancer.

After working on studies funded by the National Institute of Health (NIH) about the success of enzymes in helping to repair damaged DNA, and subsequently conducting them at his own practice, Dr. Moy formulated Cellular MD products with effective and clean ingredients to both reduce skin cancer rates for those in medical need, and improve skin health for everyone, regardless of skin type.

Dr. Moy’s products are medical in provenance but have a cosmetic benefit, boosting the skin’s “immune system” above and below the surface.

Dr. Moy resides in Los Angeles with his family and practices dermatology in Beverly Hills.

Global Dermatologist Network
Cellular MD is backed by an award-winning global network of dermatologists. Committed to science-based research, this network ensures that only the best ingredients are used in Cellular MD products to combat sun and environmental exposure to the skin.