"After the age of 30, we start greatly declining in [our own] DNA repair enzymes,” explains Dr. Ronald Moy, a Los Angeles-based dermatologist and vice-president of the Skin Cancer Foundation."

This Skin-Care Product Just Won A Nobel Prize

"New studies have shown that using topical products with DNA repair enzymes can actually reverse some of the effects of sun damage to prevent precancers."

The #1 Secret To Younger Skin

"In Los Angeles As the creator of DNAEGF Renewal skincare products and senior vice president of The Skin Cancer Foundation, Ronald Moy, MD, is impressive, to say the least."

These Are The Best Dermatologists In Los Angeles

"Bolster your body’s—and skin’s—inherent ability to repair overnight with Moy’s RMD Nox Blend ($25), which contains vitamin B3 plus calming lemon balm extract and melatonin to promote better sleep."

Keep Your Complexion In The Clear With These Anti-Pollution Products

"Hale also recommends a late-night application of bio-advanced products made by the likes of DNA Renewal, which is packed with enzymes, peptides and botanical actives, because your body naturally restores its DNA when you are asleep."

4 Dermatologist-Approved Ways to Reverse Summer Skin Damage

"Dermatologist Ronald Moy’s DNA Renewal line use a human-like epidermal growth factor (EGF) that’s made in bioengineered barley seeds. According to Moy, barley EGF is purer and more stable in creams than its human counterpart."

The Truth About Growth Factors in Skin Care and Why They're Controversial

" I’ve been using DNA Renewal’s DNA Regeneration Serum, which has a high concentration of plant-based EGF (Epidermal Growth Factor( to fight all the damage that occurs during the day and has a watery texture that’s a perfect post-cleanse step."

How To Fix Your Skin While You Sleep

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